Buick Open Betting

Fred Funk Buick Open First RoundGolf betting is enjoying a surge in popularity, with players like Tiger Woods having brought the sport into the limelight. For punters and players alike, betting adds to the excitement of the game..

Make your experience of the 2009 Buick Open more enjoyable by participating in Buick Open betting. For live golf betting and daily special offers, we recommend William Hill.

Buick Open Betting Guidelines

There are several factors you should consider before picking your favourite players for the 2009 Buick Open golf tournament.

First, it’s important to pay attention to a player’s previous performance, especially in the Buick Open. Check previous Buick Open winners and review each player’s history. If a player continues to come back year after year and performs well on the Buick Open Course, the player has an advantage.

Buick Open weather is an important consideration in your Buick Open betting. A strong gust of wind can change everything, depending on where a player is originally from. If conditions are windy, a golfer used to playing in a windy city such as Chicago will have an advantage.

Jet lag as a result of long-distance travelling can also affect a golfer’s performance.

When deciding on the best time to place a bet, you should consider a player’s tee time. Because golfers are putting on the field throughout the day, the grass becomes inundated with marks. These marks make it harder to putt than on a smooth green. If you back a player who has to putt at the end of the day on day two of the match, for example, it’s likely that that player won’t putt as well as a player on day one.

Golf Betting Options

Bookmakers offer various options:

  • Betting to Win – You place a bet on a player to win. If the odds are 10/1 and the player wins, you get £10 for every £1 bet, plus your original stake back.
  • Betting on a Place Finish – Bet on varying place finishes and the odds are the same whether the golfer finishes 2nd or 5th. If you place £1 on a player to finish at 20/1 and the player is successful, you will win a proportion of the odds, plus your original stake back. If the proportion is ¼, your place odds are ¼ x 20/1 = 5/1. This means that you will win £5 for every £1 you bet.
  • Betting Each Way – This is a combination of ‘Betting on a Place Finish’ and ‘Betting to Win’ – you pay the same stake for each part of the bet. If, for example, you pay £1 each way for a player winning at 10/1, you would get £10 for the win plus £2.50 for the place. If the player does not win but finishes in a place, you lose the win bet but win on the place bet.
  • Match Bet – You bet on whether one player will beat or tie with another over a stroke-play tournament.
  • Group Betting – The bookie chooses a group of golfers and gives them odds of beating the rest of the group, and you have to pick the winning group.
  • Two Ball Bet – You bet on whether one player will outscore another over one round.
  • Three Ball Bet – You bet on whether one player will outscore another two players over one round.
  • Combination Betting – You combine more than one of the above bets, but you must win all the bets to win. The payout is equal to all the individual odds multiplied.